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What can we do for you?

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Do you urgently need to update some text in your website? Want to renew the pictures or offer new products & services? Need to make your Map work? Not sure why you’re not in Google or don’t like how you appear? Consider a business uplift? Are up to an image facelift or even a whole website refurbishment? Need to connect to new digital customers and don’t have a clue where to start?

From whole web projects to updates, redesigns, changes & tiny annoying small repairs Starting at 30€. Over 20 years with the professionals and the small businesses.

Your image – website

Your website is your online visit card. If it looks ugly, inaccurate, doesn't represent what you really offer, or can't be seen in phones, it is not a good start point for your business.

  • add/remove sections
  • correct & update contents (text & images)
  • fix wrong links
  • fix unusable Google Maps
  • repair malfunctions in phone screens
  • add ‘Phone us’ workable buttons
  • apply translation to new languages
  • redesign part or the whole site
  • add functionalities (login, products list, image gallery, shop…)
  • modify, repair, upgrade or update existent Drupal and WordPress installations
  • anything related with your site and HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP & SQL

Your advertising – marketing

Well, you already know what advertising is.

  • check and optimize your website results, SEO (positioning) and Facebook page results
  • create/maintain/upgrade your Facebook page
  • reclaim your business in Google Maps
  • include you in Google Business
  • design and send Facebook and Google campaigns
  • solve Google Maps wrong placement of your business
  • deal with bad reviews and ease better ones
  • we may help with other social networks (Google Maps and Facebook rate best)
  • add & promote your business in specialized portals, forums...

We can also write a technical document with the needs of your business ready to use to ask for a budget to different companies (not necessarily 4tres).

Your sales – e-commerce

Sales (revenue) is what a business is meant to achieve, doesn't it? We are not talking here about selling directly online, despite it is an option. Instead we are talking about driving customers from their online devices to your place. I guess that's what we all have in mind.

  • all the above plus…
  • analyze your actual marketing situation
  • deploy online sale platforms (such as an online shop) if suitable
  • tune your image and advertisement actions
  • design new combined (not only online) marketing actions

And remember: we work with and for local small to medium businesses like yours. We DON’T make sales. You sell, we help.


Are you ready to start?

Simply contact me and let me know what you do, what you have and what you would like to ‘repair’. I’ll study your case A.S.A.P. If what you need is some clear technical problem, I’ll give you an estimate and will do the repair after you approve it. If it is of a wider scope, such as ‘improve your online communication’, then I’ll discuss with you what can be done and will offer you different options to solve it.

Think that penny website changes can be offered from as little as 30€. Please, contact me for an easy explanation and budget. I may help with Spanish-English & English-Spanish web translations and I can deal with some German, French and Valencian/Catalan, too.

In any case, for the sake of your business: Keep your online communications up to your work quality.

Some common Errors in Websites

Screenshot of SSL certificate error

SSL certificate error

'Your connection is not private'

Screenshot of Google Maps error

Google Maps error

'This page can't load Google Maps correctly'

Screenshot of dated web design

Dated design

First impression counts!

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