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Web Basics

All you Need from the Start

Want to jump into the online world?

We offer a wide range of Solutions to start clean and safe

You need to look no further if you want to start your business online presence right now. At 4tres you can find an easy, professional way to do it. Simply tell me what is your business and your online expectations and we can work it out.

Hosting, domains and mail

We do offer reliable hosting for your existent website or for the one to come. We can arrange your domain name, too. And set any combination of email addresses and useful related tools.

Single Page Websites

A Single Page Web (SPW) is the solution to most of the cases. It is the visit card of any business nowadays, no matter how small it may be. It's simple, it's affordable and it's a must.

CMSs: Drupal or WordPress

In some special cases we'll need websites more complicated than a SPW. An affordable, practical and safe way would be using professional prefab solutions such as Drupal or the very well known WordPress.

Hosted solutions

It's not all about having our own website. We can't forget about interesting online tools that also can use in order help our business grow: Booking, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Facebook...

  • We do offer reliable hosting for your website. It is available for your existent website or for the one we may develop for you. In this later case it’ll be free of charge during the 1st year.

    It is advisable that you study well what domain name you will choose for your business. It will be your online name! You could also go through a (usually painful) transition to a new domain name, if you really think you need it. We may help with both, choosing them, registering, doing the set up, connecting them to the host, changing the ownership of it, etc.

    We can also help you creating and configuring the different email addresses you may need under your chosen domain name. In case you need a more sophisticated combination of email addresses and functions we can help with it, too: setting forwarders, auto-responses, combining with Gmail accounts and Google tools, offering a practical webmail app for you to check your mail anywhere in the World, etc.

    If you feel like it you can get more info to clearly understand what is and what is not all these we’re talking about.

  • There is not such a small business that will benefit from avoiding being online nowadays. Can't see it clear yet?

    • Almost everybody has already gone online, some even against their will.
    • The cost of it is SMALL, with capital letters. Here in Spain you may be spending more in taxes during one month than to create and maintain a basic website during a whole year.
    • The benefits of being online are BIG. Mainly is the XXI century visit card. You can give it to anyone and, besides, Mr. Google tells about you to anyone that asks the right question.

    If you’re still out, don’t think it twice...

  • There are websites more complicated than a single page ones. Main difference? They have many pages. Ugh! Yes, in principle that’s the difference. If we also want them to be able to (mainly) accept posts (a.k.a. ‘news’), comments and users with different roles we may ask to have it tailor-made or go for a ready-made one such as Drupal or the very well known WordPress. They both are content management systems or CMSs.

    In principle I’ll suggest to make use of Drupal or WordPress, answering to your needs. Don’t misunderstand me, Drupal for instance has been used by the United Nations or the US White House. They can be more expensive and complicated, but in our case they’ll be more powerful, faster to build and affordable.

    As usual, we can help your business building the website from scratch using any of these CMSs. But we also offer to modify, clean up, update, restore… your existent WordPress or Drupal websites.

  • There is a third way we shouldn’t forget about. It is very common nowadays to make use of online tools to promote our businesses. I am talking about such an assorted amount of options as Booking, Tripadvisor, Yelp... but also Facebook, Instagram, Google Business...

    At the end the best solution for your business is the right combination. And yes, you guessed so, we can help with it all, too. So, why don’t you get in touch right now and start to work to improve your business online?

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