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Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask or explain whatsover about your website, your marketing online needs, or your communication in the Internet. No project is small enough. No question is weird enough. Call us at normal office hours (Spain GMT+1) or send us an email at any time and we will reply A.S.A.P. We are here to help. We know we can.

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Get to know (a bit more) about 4tres before you contact us

I have been running 4tres Web Development company for more than 20 years. Some of my clients have been professionals, small businesses, political parties (shame), some of the biggest tourism companies in the World and local administration. At the moment I run the business, deal with clients and manage to do the small projects myself. Bigger projects or the ones in need of some very specific technology are done with the help of different professionals I usually work with.


I have been working in different cities and countries, for clients in different regions and even overseas. I am what is called a Full Stack Developer, meaning that can deal with both client and server side technologies such as HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP or SQL. In layman's terms: I can do the design and 'the machine' behind.

The target of each project

Besides the web development technologies I take (very much) into account what's the goal of my job, normally selling or at least offering useful information. That is why contents (texts, images, graphs...) are so important. The marketing side is very important, too. Imagine a very nice shop, with very cool products at extremely competitive prices... hidden in a small cul-de-sac street or in the middle of nowhere. No way it is going to work! That's why it is so important to make your website, your online business communications, visible to as many clients as possible.

Own experience

I have run my own small businesses such as wine delivery or cultural guides publishing. So I have an idea of what is to build and keep working a small business and how important the online world is. I'm fluent in Spanish, English, Catalan and Portuguese and can keep a basic conversation in French and German. I find languages are important in a World where we all move here and there, and specially in regions like the Mediterranean coast where we serve to customers from many different countries.

Now and here

Living now in the North of Spain (Asturies) I expect to be able to help to learning centers, civil & social organizations, small businesses and professionals around. I'm actually fully involved in the Asturtur project where culture, technology and education are core. A focus on rural areas, tech training and citizens collaboration drives the project toward a healthier and happier society. No doubt this project may shape the professional and training relationships we build. Internet is a great tool that can be used wisely to make a better living

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